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Reduce the burnout and exhaustion

First Secret’s age-defying serum is designed to reduce feelings of mental exhaustion and burnout. People who work and go out in the open experience effects on their skin. This reduces their skin brightness and makes it age faster. This serum will take all the stress away from your skin and defy the aging process by keeping you protected from everyday burnout and stress.

Get back your glowing and youthful complexion back! 

First Secret’s age-defying serum will help you get that youthful glow back on your skin. It has soothing agents that give you healthy skin regeneration. It will battle the signs of skin aging, fine lines, and spots to stop your skin from aging quickly.

Reduced Wrinkles and Improved Elasticity 

If you are looking to protect your skin from the fast aging process, this is the serum you need. Continued use of this serum will help you protect from bacteria, ultraviolet rays, pollution, and other toxins. It will give you plumper skin, reduced wrinkles, and fine lines. It will help your skin regain the essential proteins, making the skin firmer and tauter.

Made from amazing ingredients


Peptides are amino acids that make up certain proteins needed by the skin. More specifically, collagen is made of three polypeptide chains, so adding peptides can stimulate your skin to make collagen. More collagen can lead to firmer, younger-looking skin. The body makes collagen naturally, but over time, collagen production decreases which can cause the skin to look more wrinkled and even less bright. The use of a serum having peptides will help to keep your skin remain youthful and glowing always!

Helichrysum Oil 

Helichrysum Oil is a fantastic ingredient with the benefits of collagenase and elastase, thus protecting our skin’s integrity and elasticity. The use of these ingredients builds an anti-aging mechanism. It minimizes the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles which makes the skin look dull and old. The use of these ingredients every day will result in a youthful appearance of the skin keeping the toxins away that result in quicker aging.

Rosehip Seed Oil 

Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin A (street name: retinol), which can help reduce signs of skin aging, including smoothing fine lines and thickening the dermis (deeper skin layers), making the skin feel firmer and tighter, says board-certified plastic surgeon Anthony Youn, MD, anti-aging expert and author of The Age Fix.

  Directions for use  

   • Use 2-3 drops at night on clean skin after washing your face. 

   • Massage the serum for 1-2 minutes until it is completely absorbed. 

   • For the best result, use it every night before going to bed.  

  Why this serum  

   • A complete package to get brighter glowing skin defying the aging process.

   • It reduces wrinkles, fine lines and protects you from the exposure of daily wear and tear.

   • It rejuvenates your skin by creating essential protein in your skin, keeping it firm, elastic and supple. 

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