First Secret - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different designations available as a part of the Direct Seller at First Secret? 

Being involved in the Direct Selling Plan of First Secret you can either be engaged as a Direct Retailer [DR] or Direct Seller [DS]. The details of the designation and the roles ascribed to them have been described as under: 

- Direct Retailer [DR]: The direct retailer will be eligible to get a certain fixed percentage on the sales effectuated through them. By the use of a personalized coupon code of the DR, the sales will be tracked. All purchases using that coupon code will be attributed to the concerned DR. The DR will get a certain percentage of the sale effectuated through their coupon code. The customers using their code will also get a certain percentage of discount as per the terms and conditions applicable at that moment. 

There is no minimum sale criterion or initial sale criterion on the working of a DR. They can join and self purchase the products or begin sharing the coupon code as a part of the promotion of First Secret’s products through their social media handles and other networks. 

There is no minimum or maximum limit of transactions for DR. Whatever the transaction happened through their code, they will get their percentage out of it. 

-  Direct Seller [DS]: The DS will be able to make a network of their own by effectuating sales and making others join in the downline. The business done by the new joinee under their network as well as their own personal transactions will benefit the DS; they will get a percentage on these transactions. However, the percentage will proportionally increase based on the points earned by their network and through the volume of their personal transactions. 

After joining, the DS will have to make an initial transaction of Rs.2000 to Green their ID, after which they can begin joining new people. 

There is a quarterly sales criterion of Rs.5000, failing to do which for 9 months will result in the deactivation of their ID. Moreover, the commission entitlement will also be withdrawn in case the quarterly sales criterion is not met with. 

What is the most common method of gaining points?

In usual circumstances, if a DS makes a transaction of Rs. 1000, they will be given 500 IP (Incentive Points) and the other 500 IPs will be distributed in their uplines till five levels. The number of IPs will reflect under the product description, each product will provide you with a different no. of IPs. 

What is the different minimum sales criterion available on the DR and the DS? What will happen in case of default to these sales criterion?

There is no minimum sales criterion for the DR. However, the DS has the following sales criterion: 

a. Initial Transaction of Rs. 2000 to green their ID after which it will be activated and they can begin to join joinees in their network. 

b. Quarterly target of Rs. 5000 is to be maintained by the DS. In case they fail to do so, their ID will be suspended and they will not be entitled to commissions on the business done by their network.

After you achieve Silver Star, the quarterly sales target will be halved and when you become Platinum Star, then no minimum sale criterion exists.

When we will get my ID Card

When your ID turns green, your identity card will be sent to you. So that you can meet prospects as a First Secret’s Representative and grow your network.

Can a DR be converted to a DS? What are the different means in which the promotion is effectuated? 

A DR can be converted into DS anytime, there is no requirement for the same. However, once they become a DS, all the minimum sales criterion will be applicable on their sales activity. 

There is a promotion scheme available within the DS, which will be based on the points earned by the DS, either by making new joinees or earning points through sale. There is no crtieria, other than points that will be applicable. 

What are the documents required for joining as a DR or a DS? 

Any new engagement with the First Secret Direct Selling plan will require their KYC to be complete, along with the bank details, address proof and other personal details required for verification. This is required for the generation and disbursement of payment.

How much time will be needed to verify the KYC status and other personal details and documents? 

Based on the KYC status of the joinee and the documents submitted First Secret will take a week to process the documents and complete the verification process. 

Are there any business education and training programs available for the DR or DS in the First Secret Direct Seller Plan?

We will regularly interact with the DR or DS answering their queries. We will also periodically conduct training sessions through online means (Eg: Zoom or Google Meet). On the Youtube channel of First Secret, there will be tutorials and product information available which the DR or DS can watch anytime to know more about the products and the sales process. 

There will also be a social media support network for answering the queries of DR or DS instantly, if the case may be. 

Training materials you provide in which language?

The languages in which these trainings will be conducted are primarily English or Hindi. The local leader of the region will be helpful is translating the message in the local language for clear communication.

Are there any product related material that will be available for the use of DR or DS? How can they access it and whether the said material is free? 

The product related material will be available on YouTube, Facebook and other social media channel. The First Secret website also has a downloads section from where the information can be downloaded free of cost for disbursement.