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Removes Dark Circles  & Repair Tissues and Fine Lines 

First Secret's under eye serum is anti inflammatory with antioxidants, which is n best suited to protect skin from further damage, repair, and restore it. It keeps the skin hydrated and supple. The goodness of its amazing ingredients acts as a whitening and cleansing agent that removes dark circles and reduces puffiness.

Tones & Hydrates Under Eye Skin

This emulsion of Saffron oil and cucumber extract creates a natural and healthy glow in the skin, unclogging blackheads and whiteheads. Vitamin E makes it the best for all skin types, reducing skin exposure to harmful UV rays.

Safe to use

This under-eye serum is made to benefit you, who do not want to expose your skin to harmful chemicals. For a conscious consumer, emphasizing the use of natural ingredients, this serum is a must-buy.

Made from amazing ingredients


Caffeine is an excellent antioxidant, reducing blood pooling under the eyes, which causes puffiness and dark circles. It works it all by improving blood circulation, which supplies oxygen to the skin and reduces inflammation and discoloration. It also protects the sensitive under-eye skin from UV rays and slows the aging process, helping to prevent wrinkles, fine lines,  sagging, and sallow.

Cucumber Extract

Because of its high polysaccharide content, cucumber extract efficiently moisturizes and conditions the skin. A polysaccharide is a carbohydrate molecule of several sugar molecules linked together. Polysaccharides are excellent water binders. They generate a gel-like coating on the skin after topical application that functions as a barrier to attract and hold moisture.

Saffron Oil

Saffron oil helps in exfoliating and improving blood circulation in the skin.  It contains a lot of Vitamin A to reduce the rate of aging, protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and free radicals, and help to increase the elasticity and softness of the skin. Saffron Oil contains high levels of Vitamin C also. They help promote collagen formation and remove signs such as dark spots, pigmentation, and freckles. It is rich in minerals and contains two powerful carotenoids: crocin and crocetin. These carotenoids are effective in repairing damage and ensuring overall cell health.

  Directions for use  

      • Apply the First Secret's Roll-on Under Eye Serum directly and softly 

      • Massage for 1 to 2 minutes in a circular motion directly with the Roll-on. 

      • Leave the serum overnight and wash it off in the morning for a brighter-looking under the eye. 

      • Use it as a part of your daily night routine.

  Why this serum  

  The main reasons why First secret's Under eyes serum is better than ordinary under-eye creams are:

  • This serum contains rich vitamins and skin-beneficial minerals that our skin cells may lack. Unlike serums, creams include oils and thickeners that may           not benefit your skin. 

  • This serum employs expensive ingredients like vitamins to keep your skin healthy and glowing for as long as possible. Creams often do not include such           costly chemicals instead of wax, mineral oils, and petroleum ingredients, which may not benefit the skin.

  • Serums are often constructed of an Aqua base, which allows them to absorb quickly into the skin and begin their activities, making them more effective         than thickeners-based creams, which typically form a layer on the skin rather than being absorbed.

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